If you want to play your best golf, your golf clubs must fit you !

Golfers don't look athletic. They are tall, short, stout, thin, strong, weak, fast, slow, young,
middle aged, senior, very athletic, somewhat athletic, beginners, occasional, experienced, avid,
professional, good, bad and everything in between.

A mid handicap golfer can't effectively use the same equipment as a scratch golfer. A beginner
would find it difficult to learn to play with the same clubs as experienced players. Woman won't
be able to use the same clubs as a 100 kg man. A 60 year old will find it hard to play with the
clubs used by a 25 year old and a person that hits a ball 230 meters can't use the same
equipment as a person that only hits it 130 meters.

Golf is the most difficult sport in the world to play. There is no reason to make it harder by using
poorly suited equipment. It doesn't matter what brand of club you buy, just make sure the
equipment is suitable for you before you buy it. While this may sound complicated it really isn't if
you know a few simple thing about golf clubs.

Start out by having your swing speed and tempo measured. Swing speeds are measured in
miles per hour just like any other speed and will range anywhere from about 50 to 120 MPH
unless you are the world long drive champion or Tiger Woods. Our club fitter at the Academia
de Golfe and Nevada Bobs Golf have a device to measure your speed and tempo. This takes
about 30 minutes. Then we will apply this information to the clubs you want and you will have a
good start to the correct equipment.
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